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Welcome to the Ad IDEM / Canadian Media Lawyers Association Website

Ad IDEM stands for Advocates In Defence of Expression in Media / Avocats pour la defense de l'expression dans les medias (the capital letters in bold spelling "MEDIA" (from right to left)). We are also known by the acronym CMLA, the Canadian Media Lawyers Association.

Our members are leading media lawyers across Canada. We organize a major annual conference, intervene in important Supreme Court of Canada cases, and promote improved laws and policies for free expression and openness of courts.

AdIDEM/CMLA is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of free expression in Canada and abroad. Our aim is to achieve this objective through:

 * public and professional education
 * advocacy and law reform initiatives
 * cooperation with related professional organizations

AdIDEM/CMLA members are lawyers representing the media across Canada. Associate Members, who may or may not be lawyers, have had experience in issues involving media law and free expression, and are advocates for free expression as well.[| Read more...]

New Developments

August 27, 2018   Joannou v Canada (Attorney General) 2018 YKSC 43
    In a recent decision, the Yukon Superior Court quashed a subpoena that had been served on a reporter employed by the Yukon News.

August 14, 2018   Level One Construction Ltd v Burnham 2018 BCSC 1354
    The BCSC dismissed a defamation claim after applying the responsible communication defence and concluding that the words used in a consumer investigation programme would not have been considered defamatory by the average person.

August 3, 2018   R v Darling 2018 BCSC 1327
    The BCSC has ruled that the media be granted access to three requested documents filed in the court record of the proceedings in the prosecution of Larry Darling, which were recently stayed by the Crown.

August 3, 2018   Ontario Medical Association v (Ontario) Information and Privacy Commissioner 2018 ONCA 673
    The ONCA upheld an Ontario Divisional Court decision, which ruled that the names of the top 100 physician billers to OHIP, for the 2008 to 2012 fiscal years, with their specialties and dollar amounts billed, be released to the Toronto Star.

July 23, 2018   R v Blackmore 2018 BCSC 1225
    The BCSC granted restricted access to sentencing hearing exhibits after the convictions of Winston Blackmore and James Oler were entered and sentencing was imposed.

July 5, 2018   John Doe v Jane Roe 2018 NSSC 174
    The NSSC confirmed media to be given Notice/right to appear, on a motion to avoid the Notice so as not to further alleged blackmail. This decision is useful because of its scope.

June 6, 2018 v Goldhar 2018 SCC 28
    The SCC held that the appeal on the issue of jurisdiction in this on-line defamation case is allowed, clarifying the test for internet defamation jurisdiction.

June 4, 2018   BCCA Publication Bans and Sealing Orders (Civil Practice Directive 4 June 2018
    At the time a notice of appeal or notice of application for leave to appeal is filed, parties must advise the Registrar in writing of the existence and nature of any publication bans in place. And, if a party wishes to seek an order sealing material, they must immediately apply to a justice in chambers upon filing that material.

May 30, 2018   British Columbia Supreme Court Publications Ban Template Order
    The BCSC has developed a “Publication Ban Pick List”, which sets out the mandatory and discretionary statutory publication bans available in the Criminal Code and Extradition Act, and important information that should be recorded in a publication ban order under each provision. The Supreme Court has also developed a “Publication Ban Template Order” for use in conjunction with the Pick List.

April 27, 2018   Toronto Star v AG Ontario 2018 ONSC 2586
    The ONSC has ruled that the open courts principle applies to administrative tribunals in Ontario.


2019 Conference
November 8 & 9, 2019
  Toronto, ON
Please click for more details.

2018 Freedom of Expression Award
November 2, 2018
  Montreal, Quebec
Please click for more details.

2018 Winner of the Ad IDEM Freedom of Expression Writing Prize and call for submissions for 2019
September 5, 2018
Ad IDEM/Canadian Media Lawyers Association congratulates M. Jay Smith-Hayward, the winner of its annual writing prize for students writing on the topic of protection of freedom of expression or freedom of the press in Canada.

Ad IDEM/CMLA is seeking submissions for the annual student Writing Prize for a paper promoting freedom of expression. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2019 with the winner to be announced by September 2019. Please click for more details and a link to submission guidelines.

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