R. v. Gregson


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Justice Rutherford ordered that "any personal electronic device [PED] ...must, subject to the terms of this order, be turned off while Court is in session." However, Rutherford J., provided that "a journalist who is from a recognized media organization may obtain permission in writing from the presiding judge to use the PED..." upon completion and Court approval of the application attached as an Annex to his Order.

Decision Summary

The Ottawa Citizen and Andrew Seymour applied for an Order approving the use of electronic devices in the courtroom to Tweet or otherwise disseminate reports about the proceedings as long as the sound was turned off.

Justice Rutherford ordered that all such devices were to be turned off while the Court is in session, unless an application for permission to use such devices is granted by the Court.

Upon permission being granted, which was subject to variation or termination by Justice Rutherford, for non-compliance, the journalist had agreed to a set of specific terms and conditions, set out in the application as seen in the Annex to the Order at page 3.


See: R. v. Gregson

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