2019 Winner of the Ad IDEM Freedom of Expression Writing Prize and call for submissions for 2020


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Ad IDEM/Canadian Media Lawyers Association congratulates the winner of its annual writing prize for students writing on the topic of protection of freedom of expression or freedom of the press in Canada.

Julia Kalinina, a student at Osgoode Hall Law School, received the $2,500.00 prize for her paper entitled "Political Advertising Law in the Age of Social Media: Challenges in Updating “Analog” Laws to the Digital 21st Century: The Cases of Canada, the US, and the UK." (See below for a link to the paper.)

Ad IDEM/CMLA is seeking submissions for the annual student Writing Prize for a paper promoting freedom of expression. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2020 with the winner to be announced by September 2020.

Ad IDEM/CMLA is dedicated to the promotion and protection of freedom of expression throughout Canada. Our objective is to reaffirm every day, in every court in our country, the importance of these freedoms.

All law students in Canadian law schools (LL.B/JD or LL.M candidates who will graduate in 2020 or later) are eligible.

For submission details please click on the link below.

Julia Kalinina - Challenges in Political Advertising Law in the Digital Age

The Ad IDEM Writing Prize 2020

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