Vincent Review of Victoria's Open Courts Act


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Vincent Review of Victoria's Open Courts Act

In 2017, an independent review of the Open Courts Act 2013, in the state of Victoria, in Australia, was conducted by former Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Frank Vincent.

The Open Courts Act Review was asked to consider whether the Act is striking the right balance between the need for open and transparent justice, and the need to protect the legitimate interests of victims, witnesses and accused persons, and to preserve the proper administration of justice.

It recommended a range of improvements to existing suppression laws (publication bans), including:

(1) a statutory obligation to provide public reasons for suppression orders;

(2) a central, publicly available register of all suppression orders; and

(3) a Public Interest Monitor to act as contradictor in suppression order applications (either at the request of the judge or upon the PIM’s own initiative) and to report annually to the Vic AG on operation of the Open Courts Act.

Vincent Review of Victoria's Open Courts Act

Open Courts Act 2013

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